The Other Side of the Mountain Gang was OFFICIALY started over 36 years ago IN 1982, by the a small group of retired Colorado air National Guardsmen WITH CMSGT NEIL BURKE AS THE FIRST PRESIDENT(SEE THE HISTORY TAB FOR THE INFORMAL MEETINGS THAT BEGAN IN THE 1960s AT THE CAMANA CLUB). We are now a group of over 600 and include retirees from the Colorado Air and Army Guard, and civilians who worked as State or Federal employees at Buckley. We also have members from other services and widowed spouses who participate.

We have moved back to TREA 39, 15821 E CENTRE TECH CIRCLE, AURORA, CO. We still meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 1100 IN PERSON AND ON ZOOM.

PAUL TURNER AND DEWEY HICKS conduct the meeting each month sharing information from and about members local and out of state. We celebrate the current month’s birthdays, hear briefings from the 140th Wing Commander and other speakers who’s subjects are relevant to the retirees. We get updates on the several Buckley and community service projects and current COANG and Buckley activities and deployments.

While there is no mandatory membership fee, contributions are accepted to cover the costs incurred to maintain this web site and to provide newsletter postage for those members who do not have computer access. Please visit our History Page for more information.